Photos of our Vineyard\

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Description of Vineyard

Our small vineyard, located in Ancient Nemea (Korinthia), is about 1.5 hectares with expanding perspectives in the years to come.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 340 m, in the sites of ‘ Kolonitsa’, ‘Kritharochorafa’ and ‘Kokkinia’.

The soil is terra rossa, sand and clay. The self- sown urn-shaped vines are 40 years of age. The production does not exceed 6500 kg per hectare.

In order to meet its needs and purchase raw materials, our company cooperates with selected producers of the wider region of Nemea, in Ancient Kleones (320 m of altitude) and in Psari (700 m of altitude), a total surface of approximately 3 hectares.